i-Cooking cooking appliances

Gashobs en Inductionhobs by ABK InnoVent

Overview of the KOONAKA gas hobs in 4mm stainless steel.

KOONAKA gas hobs introduction

One of the main features of the i-Cooking gas cooktops is the optimal use of the available space, so you have the most useful cooking space on hold. Below is an overview of our optimized setups. The principle underlying these arrangements is the size of the cabinet which is usually situated under the hob. We assume two cabinet sizes, one of 90cm and a 120cm. The worktop depth is the second criterion. All cooktops fit in a 60cm deep worktop. Also taken into account is a rear wall behind it in case of a wall mounted worktop. The normal 3-burner (KP0301) is designed for a 90cm cabinet and 3-inline (KP0302) needs a 100cm cabinet. The 4, 5 and 6 burner cooktops all fit in a 120cm cabinet.

Update: Recently, we added two extra-deep hobs to the program. The worktop needs a minimum depth of 65cm and the required cabinet width is 90cm. Thanks to the extra depth the characteristic large pan distance of the KOONAKA's still remains despite the smal cabinet width.

Update: Starting 2018, our power burners will no longer be for sale. In our ongoing products they'll be replaced by our standard burners.

For the integrated i-Cooking gashob in a worktop the dimensions are the same as for the KOONAKA cooktops. You will however have to take in account that the way they are build-in is different. ( See our build-in drawing -pdf)