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i-Cooking gasburner details

For the i-Cooking appliances we chose only the best materials available. This also goes for the gas burners, no compromises on the heart of the cooktop. Therefore, we chose the top burners of Isphording. These are famous for their amazing control range and high energy efficiency. The i-Cooking burner together with the open form of the grates resulted in one of the highest achieved energy efficiencies in the cooktop industry.


All burners are fitted with electric spark ignition, activated by pressing down the knobs.


Each burner is equipped with a thermocouple protection censor. The gasflow to the burners is automaticly shutoff within 15 seconds after the censor detects that the flame is extinguished.


The i-Cooking systeem uses 4 burner types:

  • Wok burner 5.8kW , 2-ringburner with a control range of 0.18-5.8kW for natural gas and 0.18-6.4kW for propane gas
  • Power burner 3.0kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.64-3.0kW (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
  • Standard burner 1.7kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.32-1.7kW
  • Simmer burner 1.0kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.20-1.0kW

In the predefined setups the burner positions and power ranges are fixed, but you can also decide to design your own custom cooktop. The criteria for your own design are listed in the following pdf document. You now have the possibility to design your ultimate cooktop.

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i-Cooking WOK burneri-Cooking rapidburner